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Affinity-Sutton-logo (Custom)Enterprise CUBE is offering a number of exciting opportunities for business support with Affinity Sutton. We help their residents to start their own businesses.

Perhaps you’re already running your business, or have secured some self-employed work, but just need help with one or two things, like how to register. If so, we can signpost you to the right places.

Perhaps you have an idea and a passion? We can help you turn that idea into a business through our Strive Further face to face business start-up programme. (London only)

Or we could help you through Strive Online, giving you one-to-one support working with a dedicated business advisor, learning through online lessons, quizzes, templates, and guides.

If you’re an Affinity Sutton resident, and you are interested in starting your business we may be able to help.

To apply to join the programme, please fill in the form below. Please select the type of support you need. We will assess your application and check which type of support is right for you before getting you started.


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