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New Year’s Temptation

New Year’s Temptation

Many of you might have over indulged over the festive period, and are possibly still kidding yourselves 2016 will be less decadent, but with a host of award winning Strive food businesses at our fingertips, the CUBE team are just accepting the pot belly is here to stay! So to be the devil on your shoulder, we thought you’d like to check out some of our tastiest and not to mention award winning businesses.

We’re very proud of the achievements of JK Fine Chocolates, who joined fellow Striver business, The Indian Coeliac, in winning two Great Taste Awards in 2015. Inder Hira won a 2 star Great Taste award for her Wheat and Gluten Free Authentic Panjabi Pakoras in 2014, and a Free From Food award in 2013. Now Jamie Kemp, Radian resident and owner of JK Fine Chocolates joins Inder in the tasty hall of fame, winning Great Taste Awards for his Salty Hazelnut Caramel, and his Popping Salted Caramel (a personal favourite of the CUBE Team!).

flavitfoodsWe’re now wondering who might join them in 2016, and we’d like to recommend sampling the delights of Sovereign resident Verity Murricane’s infused sugars at the Rat’s Whiskers based in Newbury but now available online; Wokingham’s Darren Witney owner of the Little Reds – the authentic wood fired pizza company. And finally if after all that temptation you’re sticking to your health kick, then why not try FlaVIt Foods, and get ahead with this year’s trendiest superfood – wild hebridian seaweed  for a healthier new year.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and tasty 2016!