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Our Strive Online project uses the power of the internet to offer something really special to anyone looking to start a business.  All our Strive advice and training is broken into handy bitesize pieces and beamed to your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

With Strive Supported, grassroots entrepreneurs are also given a dedicated personal business adviser who’ll help them every step of the way; over the phone, through our snazzy system and by email.


Online learning


Online learning with business support

We sometimes add some of our face-to-face Strive events to our online projects, so that local entrepreneurs can meet the team supporting them and other entrepreneurs.  To find out about some of the face-to-face elements that could be included in your online support, click on the items below;

Strive Roadshow

Workshops, advice & taster sessions

Striving On...

Ongoing support for start-ups


You can tune in and learn by yourself with Strive Unbound or opt for a dedicated business adviser
to support you along the way with Strive Supported.  Whichever route you choose with Strive online you’ll be your own boss,
you’ll to set your own pace, you can learn when it suits you, and crucially how it suits you.

See what real people think of this support

Striving Entrepreneur

“At first I found doing an online course a bit weird, but I could fill in questions whenever I wanted to, got to watch videos to understand more about business and best of all I got to join the Strive team on Facebook afterwards – where we can all ask questions whenever we want and get advice and feedback.”

Striving Entrepreneur

“This is truly a programme not to be missed! The CUBE team are so positive. They don’t rush, criticise or give negative feedback. They only remain professional but down to earth and have a great sense of humour. All I can say is that just follow your heart and you will not fail with the CUBE team behind your tail!”

Striving Entrepreneur

“I would say that it’s the perfect solution to ‘out of collage’ training as it fits around your life, doing this course gives you the tools you need to make it work! This course was perfect for me as it fitted in with my family life as a mum, it gave me the confidence and information I needed to go for it. It’s brilliant!”

Strive Unbound

Flexible Online Learning

The Strive Unbound programme helps us to support entrepreneurs no matter where they are in the country any time of the day or night.  When we created Strive Unbound we were clear that we needed to keep our training simple, fun and exciting, but be able to reach people over the internet wherever they were.

The programme uses the latest ‘learning management system’ (sophisticated website) to allow entrepreneurs to access webinars, tutorials, guides, templates, quizzes, business plans and message their own business adviser.  Many are now accessing the course via smartphones and tablets to learn about their businesses on the go.  The online course is enabling people who wouldn’t normally be able to get this type of support to build businesses and create employment for themselves and others.

Strive Supported

Online Learning with a Business Adviser

Combining our snazzy digital platform, Strive Unbound, with some good old fashioned one-to-one support creates an incredible way to help grassroots entrepreneurs launch local businesses anywhere.

Our advisers are able to keep track of how every entrepreneur is doing, triggering calls, advice and emails as soon as a start-up needs them. Entrepreneurs can still log in whenever they need and wherever they are, but for up to six months they have a personal adviser able to help them with any problem they have.


Adding Face-to-Face Support…

Strive Roadshows

Striving to Start-Up? is a super condensed and exciting taster session – to help you decide if Strive is right for you.  We explore what is really involved in getting a business up and running.  In these exhilarating sessions you’ll get to hear real life experiences from people who have started and grown businesses from almost nothing, learning how they did it and what you should consider before starting your own business.

Striving Catch-ups are a great way to meet other start-ups and your business adviser as you learn online.  We hold these whenever we’re in your area and can manage it – mainly because we just love to hang out with old and new friends.

Strive Business Jams usually held in London and Berkshire, these business jams give an opportunity for start-ups to come and meet volunteers from from the worlds of accountancy, marketing, legal, sales and web development.  The volunteers are there to help out with tips, tricks and support on anything that you’re struggling with.

Striving On…

Ongoing Support

The ongoing support of the Strive team comes in many different shapes and sizes, and is where a great deal of our profit is reinvested.  For all those completing our full programmes we offer ongoing support through our secret closed facebook group – start-ups can ask questions, find friends to work with and get all sorts of ongoing advice and support from the team.

We have had over 25,000 individual interactions in our facebook group, and the average question receives 5-10 responses.  Harnessing the power of peer support means this support is on hand 24hours a day, every day of the year, with an average response time of less than 3hrs…now that’s support!

We also offer catch-ups, business clinics and a range of follow on courses working with housing associations and partners to offer a network of support to those graduating our Strive projects.