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…the nicest place to start something.

If you’re striving to start a business or want to, then the chances are a little help would be nice.


Perhaps a little start-up grant could help?
Maybe it’d be nice to have your own dedicated expert to help?
It could be, it’d be nice to meet other people starting a business?
A couple of tips on building a brand, a website or social media campaign could be nice?
Then again, it could be it’s the legal and tax stuff that you’d like sorting out…


Whatever it is, you’re not alone.
We’ve got you.
We’re here to help.
And, if you’re in Harrogate Borough Council we can do it all for free.

Woman looking at her phone, happy and excited.

the nicest place…

Harrogate Borough Council and York & North York Growth Hub are fully funding
30 spaces on our brand new 7 week StriveLive start-up project.

This is an amazing chance to get free training, support, tools
and join a group of people who are all striving to start a business.

Even better, we’ve £2,500 in Micro-Grants to give away
as part of the project.

We’ve used ten years experience in online and face-to-face training with over 4000 start-ups to create something different.
We’re bringing the all the magic of a start-up centre into the home of anyone looking to start a business.

StriveLive is an action packed 7 week project, where you’ll find:

One-to-one advice from entrepreneurs

2 hours of live training each week (via Zoom)

Over 20 online on-demand courses,

Group discussions and network with 20+ other new businesses

Check-ins and challenges (with cash prizes)

Presentation & award event

£2,500 in Micro-Grants to win as part of the project

Perfect for anyone who wants to start or has just started their own business!

…to start something

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