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Doing it Differently…

Across the country people are looking to start their own businesses. That’s what happens when the world changes, people decide that they want to do things differently…

So if you’re looking to start a business, we’re here to help you to do it.

And you know what?
We’re doing it differently too.

We’ve used ten years experience in online and face-to-face training with over 3,000 start-ups to bring the magic of a real world start-up project into the homes of anyone looking to start a business.

StriveLive combines one-to-one advice from entrepreneurs with on-demand content, with flip-learning, snazzy on-line learning, live training sessions, group discussions, check-ins and challenges.  It’s an action packed 12 week project, that perfect for anyone who wants to start or has just started their own business.

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Notting Hill Genesis are funding 30 spaces on our brand new 12 week start-up project StriveLive.

This is an amazing chance to get free training, support, tools
and join a group of people who are all striving to start a business.

You can check out StriveLive and see if it’s for you at our two taster sessions.

Taster Sessions 

Thursday 16th September 10:00    |   Thursday 16th September 18:00
hosted online over Zoom

StriveLive is only a few months old and already we’ve helped dozens of people to start a business.

So signup up for a free taster session today,
and secure yourself up to 3months free business start-up support.