JamieJamie has a passion for hand crafted high quality chocolates and his chocolate adventure began in the mountains of Mastatal in Costa Rica, a village with a population of just 150. Here his amazing journey began working alongside the family who ran the La Iguana chocolate farm. The family have been growing, harvesting and making chocolate for three generations and still continue to produce beautifully aromatic and flavourful cocoa beans. The family use traditional techniques in their cocoa production, no heavy machinery or air-conditioned factory, this is a hard grafting chocolate farm who peel every cocoa bean by hand.

Jamie still uses La Iguana chocolate and traditional methods to create his chocolates, Jamies sells his chocolates online and at markets, he has a loyal customer base and he is now supplying commercial clients including the Hilton Hotel. He’s also the proud winner of two Great Taste Awards and a prestigious Academy of Chocolate award winner too!

You can sample his delicious chocolate for yourself, check out his facebook and website here:


“Thank you for your support. It was great to be taught by people who obviously had a passion to help people like us. Truly down to earth and has given me confidence.”