Nicole started the Strive programme in 2013, knowing she had the skills to become a groomer but wasn’t so sure on the business side. Nicole was working at a nursing home at night and in her shed grooming a few dogs in the day, just 3 to 4 a week to begin with.

After Nicole completed the Strive programme her business started to expand and Nicole had the confidence and knowledge to make a real good go at Paws Of Perfection. Nicole expanded her shed and became a groomer full time doing 25 dogs a week. Strive really gave Nicole the confidence she needed.

Nicole now owns a dog grooming shop in Maidenhead which she opened in 2016, and has employed one member of staff and is looking to take on an apprentice. The shop now grooms 60 dogs a week. Nicole is looking to expand the shop and add another groomer over the next few months too. Nicole says, “Strive really did help me succeed.”