A few years ago Rachael had the opportunity to become administrator at a local Gymnastics club. She already had a base background in Gymnastics, through her daughter Eadie who was the gymnast and competes at National Competitions. Rachael gained her coaching qualifications and decided she wanted to start a club in Cox Green for the children of our community.

After seeing a leaflet about Strive and coming to the course, Core Gymnastics Club opened in November 2013 at the school gymnasium. They now have 11 fully qualified coaches and 5 trainee coaches, along with 5 squads, that train and compete at national competitions.

They train children from the age of 4 years upwards, teaching gymnastics skills, up to the age of approximately 15 at the moment. There are now around 200 children training with Core Gymnastics at the different levels. Rachael has also set up a coach training programme, which has proved very successful, and gives the coaches accredited qualifications and employable skills.Rachael has also invested in the competitive side herself, by qualifying in judging at National competitions, and recently qualifying as an international judge.