Golden Light is Dorota Kunicka’s fantastic photography company.  Dorota specialises in natural light photography and has a real talent for capturing people’s best sides in her photographs.  With a range of services including gifts, wedding, family and event photography, she’s has something to offer for everyone.

Dorota comes from an artistic family, but only picked up her first SLR camera in 2007 never believing it would become her future career.  She took to it, and she’s now juggling several photo-shoots a week with being a ‘stay-at-home’ mum.

Dottie came on Strive in 2013. She was a very talented photographer with an eye for detail. Her many customers include families, weddings,  christenings she regularly does work for Housing Solutions, RBWM, Radian, Foodshare, Dash Charity, Slough Borough Council, Rituals Cosmetics, Ashley House Construction, Beehive preschool and many more. A large number of her clients come through referrals from Redroofs Theatre School.

Now with 4 years experience and a friendly, fun approach her business is growing, helping to support the family and work around kids and school hours. Golden Light Photography gives her the flexibility and sturdy income she needed. So much so, she’s now buying her first home.

Dottie says, “The Strive course was the first step.  Not only by providing the knowledge and ongoing support, but also by helping to make new contacts and creating opportunities.”