What We Do…

At Enterprise CUBE we Create & Unlock Business for Everyone…

As we believe in ‘Business for Everyone,’ all our work is aimed at enabling people from all walks of life to get the most from the world of enterprise.

So we advise, design and run a whole range of projects that help people to create new businesses or unlock the potential of existing enterprises.

To make sure anyone can get involved in our projects we design everything from scratch to be straight forward, practical and easy to use. We don’t believe in dumbing things down, but we do believe in clearing away the hype, jargon and nonsense to get to the core principles that drive any business.

We think the best enterprises are flexible, reactive and dynamic places. To do this they need to be run by managers and entrepreneurs who have the tools to be flexible and able to react to challenges.  We help people to learn and understand these tools through a range of programmes and support.

What we do

Strive Start-up Projects

Strive is a unique training and support programme which helps individuals to start their own businesses.  The programme is delivered by experienced entrepreneurs who have designed Strive after working with hundreds of individuals who have or are trying to start their own businesses.

This programme is specifically designed to offer dynamic, practical and interactive learning that is suitable for disadvantaged people, including social housing residents and the homeless.

Strive Online Start-Up Support

Strive On-Demand and Strive Live are unique training and support programmes that use the power of the internet to offer something really special to anyone looking to start a business. All our Strive advice and training beamed to your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

We took all the experience of our award winning Strive programmes and boiled it down into our online version, even the power of joining a group of other entrepreneurs.

Championing Grassroots Enterprise

Grassroots Enterprise is the term that we’ve coined to represent normal everyday people just getting out there and starting businesses for themselves.

Our Grassroots Enterprise events and campaigns are a way for us to shout about how important micro-enterprise, community enterprise, self-employed people, hobby businesses and social enterprises are to the UK.

So you’ll find us using Grassroots Enterprise to shout to housing professionals and local authorities but also to engage communities in exciting ‘flash’ events where we make a lot of noise to get people switched on and talking about starting enterprise at the grassroots.

Engage Staff Training

Engage is designed to clear away the hype and mystery around enterprise for anyone looking to help their organisation or community better engage in enterprise.  Our expert trainers share their own experiences of creating and supporting both social and micro enterprise projects, alongside many examples of best and worst practice from the sector.

Pop-Up Businesses & Projects

Our Pop-Up Enterprise Projects include a wide range of exciting projects, and we’re always looking for new and interesting challenges to test our entrepreneurial skills on.

We’ve run pop-up shops and cafes, including our St Pauls take away cafe and gallery, which we ran with a team of our Strivers as part of the Genesis CUBE project in the heart of the city using an empty space due for redevelopment.

We’ve run pop-up hubs enabling residents to have access to free and low cost incubator spaces to come and start their new businesses.

We’ve run pop-up enterprise hype projects, where we hit the road and get a community fired up about the potential of getting involved in grassroots enterprise.


Although we don’t run an Advice and Consultancy service, we are frequently asked to help and advise projects to support managers and entrepreneurs.  We generally like to see why a team needs advice and design training to enable staff to learn the skills they need and keep them in-house for future challenges, but can, where needed, provide useful reports and roadmaps to teams to enable them to reach their goals.