Covid19 Advice hotline launched

Covid 19 hotline

Covid19 Advice hotline launched

With some of Enterprise CUBE’s team holidaying overseas as the Covid19 outbreak began, the team had watched several international lockdowns in South East Asia with interest and started to see first-hand the impact on small businesses overseas. As we began anticipating the worst case scenario for the UK, we immediately started looking at ways we could help our start-up communities. Thankfully our team were all back in the UK safe and well before the lockdown came, and our directors started work on our own Covid Response.

It is a confusing and unnerving time for many businesses. However, we are fortunate that there are many ways for businesses, employers, and the self-employed to receive some help through various government initiatives. (We know these schemes don’t catch everyone – click here for our thoughts on the gaps in provision).

Understanding what to access and how to operate safely, with daily updates from government can be daunting. So we have launched a Covid19 advice hotline. We will be assisting small businesses, start-ups, and the self-employed across the UK to navigate the myriad of support schemes, and this new landscape of operating, with advisers on hand to support business through this difficult time.

We are incredibly pleased to announce the launch of our Covid19 advice hotline, in partnership with Sovereign Housing Association.

You can find out more information on our Covid Response here.