Strive Roadshows

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We’re always on the road, heading out to communities across the country to run exciting enterprise projects – but our Strive Roadshow is a little different.

Our Roadshow events include workshops, marketplaces, taster sessions and social events.  They’re an exciting way for a local resident to drop-in to a short event, get involved in enterprise and any answers they need.

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Striving to Start-Up?

This taster session is designed to be a super condensed and exciting exploration of what is really involved in getting a business up and running.  In these exhilarating sessions you’ll get to hear real life experiences from people who have started and grown businesses from almost nothing, learning how they did it and what you should consider before starting your own business.

In a Striving to Start-Up? day you’ll blast through over a dozen essential elements of a business. Our aim is not that you’ll master everything in one day but that you’ll have a check list you understand and can use, of what you need to do to get from an idea to the launch of a company.

Strive Roadshow Events

What happens when you put the CUBE team in a room with 20 local entrepreneurs?

Something exciting, something incredible. We dream big, we talk details, we laugh, we tackle tough topics, we do what grassroots entrepreneurs always do – we figure out how we can ‘just go and do it!’

Our Roadshows Events, include workshops on anything from creating video marketing to crowdfunding, to ‘business jams’ and business apps.  You name it, we’re finding ways to make business simple, exciting and fun.

Strive Market Places

Ever since our first launch event we’ve used any event we can as a way of helping residents to sell their products and services.  Now many of our partners have also got involved in hosting Strive Marketplaces.

Grassroots Entrepreneurs from our different projects come to pitch a stall in an office, public space or at our annual conferences.  It’s a lot of fun and an extra opportunity for local start-ups to make some sales and get the word out about their new businesses.