Enterprise CUBE to Launch

Enterprise CUBE to Launch

1st September 2012 will see the launch of our exciting new social enterprise, Enterprise CUBE (Creating and Unlocking Business for Everyone).

We’re launching Enterprise CUBE to help unlock the potential of enterprise to build better communities around the country.   All our work will focus around one simple objective: to create and unlock business for everyone!

To unlock business we’ve designed three exciting, enjoyable and effective training schemes, Strive, Change and Engage.  All three have been designed from scratch by experienced entrepreneurs to be packed full of straight forward, versatile and dynamic training you’ll be able to use immediately.

Strive, which launched this week, will help disadvantaged individuals from all backgrounds start their own business.

Change, launching in October, will help managers to be more enterprising in their roles; building exciting, dynamic and effective teams and organisations.

Engage, launching in September, will help large organisations create social benefits for their communities by developing they way they engage in enterprise and work with social enterprises.

Alongside these exciting new programmes we’ll be offering a range of services to help create business for everyone.   To find out more just take a look at our website, or follow the links below to find out about some of the work we are already delivering:

Advice and Consultancy on social enterprise, empty homes, start-ups and more…

OUR Croydon wins £484,000 Empty Homes Grant thanks to the Enterprise CUBE support

Striving Stars will inspire the disadvantaged to launch their dream businesses