Launching in autumn 2012, Engage will introduce a new range of social enterprise training for managers within larger organisations.

Like many others in the UK, you might be convinced their is a more socially aware to do business but are unsure where the ‘big society/social enterprise’ hype ends and the reality begins.  The Enterprise CUBE team have decided to bring you some practical and replicable answers on how to engage or create social enterprise that works.  Our team has created and managed several social enterprises and know from the ‘coal face’ what works and what doesn’t, what can be replicated and what can’t, and what is really going to make a difference to your communities.

Engage is a range of training in social enterprise which will focus on supplying usable answers for managers within larger organisations.

We will be releasing more information in the near future, so watch this space,but until then please take a sneak preview at the summary of our Introuction to Engage, one day training.





Our Engage series, offers training on how organisations can Engage in Enterprise through supporting, creating or contracting with social and resident enterprise.  Engage offers managers and front-line staff practical training in how enterprise can achieve social benefits within the communities they work.

Designed to clear away the hype and mystery around enterprise, our expert trainers share their own experiences of creating and supporting both social and micro enterprise projects, alongside examples and models from across the sector.

We’ve listed two examples of Engage training but we also offer tailored support to organisations, so let us know if your team wants to learn more about a specific area of enterprise or resident enterprise support.


Understanding all things enterprise


Supporting residents in enterprise


Tailored to your challenges


Supporting your support


In Enterprise

All Things Enterprise

From social to grassroots enterprise? This training day is designed to clear away some of the hype and mystery around enterprise. Our team has launched several social enterprises and helped hundreds of residents to launch their own businesses.

So throughout the day we’ll share practical tools and our experiences of the reality creating larger enterprises or helping residents into the exciting world of micro-enterprise.

Throughout the day there will be practical tools shown, experiences shared and reality checked on how best to help residents into the exciting world of micro-enterprise or work with new and existing local social enterprises.

Growing Grassroots Enterprise

Supporting Residents in Enterprise

Residents are increasingly turning to self-employment or starting businesses in order to create their own employment.  These grassroots enterprises are being formed in communities across the country.

This course explores the role of a housing association in supporting them, including practical tools for spotting, advising and supporting individuals who can create a grassroots enterprise.

Bespoke Training Sessions

Tailored to your Challenges

We have a whole series of Engage training days ready-to-go, but know that you’ll be facing your own unique challenges with a team of housing professionals who themselves will all have unique experiences and skills already.  So, almost half of all our Engage training is actually bespoke training packages drawn up to meet the needs of our partners.

Just email the CUBE team, no matter what your training needs, we will be happy to it talk over…if we can’t provide the training ourselves, we’re sure to be able to introduce you to someone who can.

Training the Trainers

Supporting you to Support

We are a little picky about who we offer our train-the-trainers support to, but if you’re a housing association that’s providing enterprise support directly to residents – then you’re exactly who we want to help.

We can offer full train the trainers programmes, and ongoing support and training materials so you can deliver Strive training within your own housing association.