John Redwood gets Swagga Ragga

John Redwood gets Swagga Ragga

Cooking up a storm! Caribbean specialities from Swagga Ragga

Yesterday’s Dragon’s Den was a wonderful culmination of our Striver’s hard efforts in Wokingham this spring, with special guest the Right Honourable John Redwood MP presenting the awards after our Strivers had successfully pitched to the panel. He and the rest of the panel also tucked into a delicious lunch provided by former Striver Melissa Duncan’s catering company Swagga Ragga, which specialises in mouthwatering Caribbean cuisine.

More delicious delights from Swagga Ragga

It was incredibly exciting to work with such motivated individuals, with many Strivers on the programme utilising each other’s skill set to help them start-up. Whilst launching his start-up Art Evolve, Matthew M’Kulia lent his services as a graphic designer to create several logos for our entrepreneurs, and Andrew Fernihough took time away from his new business Fat Rabbit animations to use his skills to create a fun Strive animation of the Wokingham group. We love to see collaborations such as these, which really highlight how Strive creates local business networks, which will continue long after the course is finished.

Matthew M'Kulia from Art Evolve receives his certificate from John Redwood MP

We were particularly excited for this group to join the growing Wokingham Striver community, with many individuals attending local business networking sessions, acting on the entrepreneurial drive ignited through Strive. Looking forward to hearing more of them in the near future!