Open Day on Opening Up Enterprise

Open Day on Opening Up Enterprise

Tuesday 9th July 2013

Genesis Centre for Unlocking Business for Everyone
3rd Floor 3 Creed Court, 5 Ludgate Hill,
near St Paul’s, London, EC4M 7AA

Our exciting new community enterprise centre, the Genesis C.U.B.E is opening it’s doors so you can get a chance to see how it works.

At the Enterprise CUBE we are working hard to get people from all sorts of backgrounds into business and we’ve partnered with leading housing assocaition Genesis to create this pioneering new hub.  The Genesis C.U.B.E is a start-up hub for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to come and start their new businesses amongst other entrepreneurs, with free services, advice and retail opportunities in the heart of London.

You’re welcome to come at any point in the day but we’d encourage you to book for one of our tours and workshop ‘Opening the Door to Grassroot Enterprise’ which will take place during the day.  By coming to the tour and workshop you’ll get lots of opportunities to see how both how the hub works and find out about our other exciting projects (including more C.U.B.E.s).

Morning Session

11:00-12:00   Unlocking the Door to Grassroots Enterprise

12:00-12:30   C.U.B.E. Tour

Lunch Suggestion

Unfortunately we’re not providing our now famous grassroots free lunch, because our popular event caterer has just opened a new community cafe in the hub, and we’d like you to support her amazing new business by stopping by for your lunch.

Afternoon Session

14:30-15:00   Unlocking the Door to Grassroots Enterprise

15:00-16:00   C.U.B.E. Tour

To book for a tour, workshop or both please contact the CUBE Team letting us know whether you’d like to come for the morning or afternoon session.