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We’ve created this page as a page for start-up’s who have been through the Strive programme to connect with each other and work together on projects.  It’s there so you can see what all the other people on facebook and other courses are doing.

Whilst this directory is online and publicly visible, we do not advertise and do not have links for people to find it on our website.

We also have a separate different Start-Ups Page where we advertise start-ups to the the public.  You can find out how to appear in the advertised directory below, but you can appear in either one or both – it’s up to you.

We hope you are a Striver, but if not please go to our public Start-Ups Page to find out about start-ups the that are already up and running and able to help you.

If you want to work together with a Striver.  It couldn’t be simpler just use the search boxes to search for different people and when you find them head back to Facebook to get in touch with them, or use the details in the listing.

Strivers’ Directory

If you are a Striver, please keep your entry up to date but remember that any details you enter here are publicly available as the listing is not password protected.

– Search for yourself by typing your name in.

– Press the EDIT ENTRY to update your settings

– If you aren’t listed us AND NEW STRIVER to create a new entry.

If you are a Striver that’s business is up and running we can give you a profile on the front page of the website.  To get one the website just edit your entry above filling in all the sections, and write a really good web-description about who you are – then tick YES I WANT TO BE ADVERTISED ONLINE.  We’ll be in touch to ask you for some photographs as soon as we can.


The information supplied on this form will used on a publicly accessible website, please do not enter any details you do not want to be publicly available.

Information supplied on this form will be retained by Enterprise CUBE on a database and will be used to compile statistics; to assess our effectiveness, to assess the impact of our work or to assist other organisations to do so. Any information supplied on this form may be disclosed to the specific organisations who funded or organised a Strive project you attended.