Sweet sugary starts

Sweet sugary starts

We just completed a sweet, sugary start up course in High Wycombe with talented Red Kite Community Housing residents, 3 of which were creating chocolatey cake goodness! As well as these sugary creations, there were lots of other successful pitches on the final celebration day, with the 14 start ups taking a share £6,000 of start up grants as well as lots of offers of support and mentoring from the panel of local business owners. 

Annette with her angelic cakes inspired by her cake baking session as a child with her late aunt, her business MJJ cakes is keeping her memory alive.

Annette's cakes2

Liz with her chocolately, sweet treats ideal for kids parties and christmas gifts, which were a real hit with the Strivers and Dragon’s Den panel too


BusinessStart-UpCourse2016graduationatRedKite(33)And Odilia who had already impressed lots of Red Kite staff with her cakes during the course, wowed everyone again with her cake creations. She’s also looking to provide catering service with her new business 1st Delight Catering.

cake 3