Profile picture or Joanne Liu

Joanne Liu is originally from Taiwan.  Her passion is food and cooking and after having her daughter she realised that cooking should be her career. “The saying ‘you are what you eat’ is certainly true. Nowadays people have a fast pace of life, either they do not have time to cook or they don’t know how to cook. That is why I would like to introduce healthy homemade food to the local community.” 

Together with her business partner Joanne Liu now sells high quality Chinese dumplings to local families.  Their business Haogoodfood are also going to sell lunches for local office workers, providing set lunches which will be different each day to offer variety to their customers.

Haogoodfood’s dumplings are made to order, all cooked from scratch, with no additives.  Their customers can order one day ahead through the Facebook page or website.  Even if you’re busy it doesn’t mean that you can’t eat well while supporting a local business!

Photo of Joanne's dumplings golden and brown on a black plate

Photo of Joanne's dumplings held in chopsticks with vegetable and meat ingredients looking tasty

Photo of Joanne's cooking    Photo of Joanne's cooking   Photo of Joanne's cooking