Profile photo of MelissaWhen Melissa and her husband first relocated from Malaysia to the UK, they struggled with juggling their first newborn and work-life. Melissa worked full time 5 days a week in an oil company in London and persevered through that routine until her second child was born a few years later. She then had various types of working arrangements for many years which included part-time, full time flexible working and working from home. Despite having some flexibility, work life was still challenging due to demands and expectations of work deliverables. Like many working mums, daily meals were not something that she looked forward to, due to the busyness of her working life and other responsibilities, “simple & quick” became the essential requirements of the family meal.  This was a real shame as cooking is one of Melissa’s passion. She has always been intrigued by her late grandma’s delicious Malaysian Chinese cooking ever since she was a little girl.

And so a business idea was born. Having had the ample experience of a full time working mum, she fully understood the predicament of other working parents and decided to step out of her comfort zone to setup a business to provide home-cooked meals for busy families.

Based in Woking, GoRendang caters to busy families and individuals who are unable or too busy to cook but prefers healthy and comforting home-cooked food. Melissa is a self-taught cook with no professional training but she felt a strong calling to provide this service to the community which lead to the launch of her business, in January 2017.

GoRendang is now out there selling delicious food for local busy families, the team were lucky enough get a taste at our Christmas Market in Woking – needless to say, we all went back for second helpings!

Photo of Melissa's Advertising board

    Photo of Melissa's Food