Our Advice and Consultancy service is designed to advise and support senior managers in creating new social enterprises and work closely with those already up and running.  Whether it is modelling the social and financial impact of creating an enterprise or assessing your existing supply chain our experts will help ensure that you’re achieving the most you can through enterprise.

Our directors have both planned and overseen the launch of several social enterprises, along with the Enterprise CUBE itself, they’ve been involved in gardening, window cleaning, re-cycling, bulk collection, community hub networks and construction based social enterprises.  Please read “OURCroydon CIC” in our recent projects for a case study of this work.

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Whether you’re a large organisation looking to start a social enterprise subsidiary or a small team trying to launch a community business, we’re able to offer you expert advice and support through the launch phase of your enterprise. The process of launching of an enterprise produces its own unique and unusual challenges. Many of the decisions made here will set the path of the enterprise for years to come.

Our team can guide you through the modelling and implementation phases in order that your launch creates the strongest chance of success for your new social enterprise.

*If you are interested in receiving advice on Creating an Enterprise you may also be interested in reading about OUR Croydon a social enterprise the Enterprise CUBE helped to launch. [/tab][tab]


Helping those in our communities who are locked out of business and employment can be a challenging and difficult objective. Fortunately, the Enterprise CUBE’s team brings together several experts with a range of skills and experience in helping communities to unlock business for everyone.

Even before forming the Enterprise CUBE our staff had experience of managing national job creation projects, local training projects, work placement creation and helping disadvantaged people to create their own jobs through self-employment. This means we’re able to advise you on a wide range of options for unlocking enterprise.

*If you are interested in receiving advice on Unlocking Enterprise you may also be interested in reading about our Strive training programme. [/tab][tab]


In a struggling economy growing an established enterprise is certainly a significant challenge, however the opportunities are there. Several sectors are even experiencing dramatic growth, not least social enterprises, but you need not be in one of these to grow. Growth rarely comes without a change in approach to at least one key aspect of a business. In just a few sessions with our team we may be able to identify key areas that could make all the difference to your growth over the coming years.

*If you are interested in receiving advice on Building an Enterprise you may also be interested in reading about our Change training programme. [/tab][tab]


We are all engaging in enterprise already, but are we making the best opportunity of it? There are significant financial advantages from taking the right approach to purchasing, as anyone who has ever worked with a procurement team will have been reminded repeatedly. There are also service and product quality to consider each time we engage in buying or selling any service. However, there is increasing attention being paid to the social advantages and disadvantages of our decisions.

Consumers, our clients, are becoming increasingly interested in what impact our decisions are making on our communities and the communities of the organisations we work with. The Enterprise CUBE can help to provide advice on balancing your social, financial and quality objectives when you engage with communities.

*If you are interested in receiving advice on engage in social enterprise you may also be interested in reading about our Engage training programme. [/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]